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DeTurk is a family business that creates digital products that engage and delight people. We work with select firms to build solutions for effective collaboration, both internally and with customers. DeTurk specializes in SharePoint, Salesforce, custom applications, learning management systems and video production. Our experience is broad, our shop is small. We are fun to work with, hard working and honest as the day is long.

Chris DeTurk has been delivering digital projects for over 20 years. With extensive experience in product and project management, he can help you define your requirements, build your team and manage design, development and delivery of your product. Nancy DeTurk heads up Content Curation and Management. She can populate your new site with engaging text and graphics, moderate discussions, and generally keep the content fresh.

What We Do

Sourcing Talent

If you are looking for a particular set of skills, we can find an individual or firm that meets your needs. We start with an evaluation with your goals, write up a list of criteria, then cast a wide net. Screening interviews occur without exposing your company information. What you get is a short list of qualified candidates that you can choose from.

Video Production

DeTurk can help you promote your products and services, train staff and recruit talent using video. With extensive production experience behind us, we can assess your needs, define your audience and message, and source the best crew for your job. We will then integrate the finished product onto your web site, social feeds and streaming services to help you find your audience.

Data Analysis

Would you like more insight into how people are using an existing system? DeTurk can tap into the relational database and web analytics behind your system. We can study the data and get the full story of who the users are and what they are doing. Then we will can create visual reports that demonstrate what’s going on and provide recommendations on next steps.

Project Management

Project management is a core DeTurk service. We will listen to your business goals, write a project plan, assemble the right team and manage the project to completion.

Content Management

It’s not enough too have a sparkly new app. You need fresh content that your users connect with. This means web pages with useful information, sharp graphics and concise process descriptions.

Whether you need news and events on your web sites, forum moderation, document management, “how to” software guides, we can do that.

Product Management

You can have the best project management in the world but if your product is not well managed, your efforts are wasted. Let DeTurk elicit the needs of your stakeholders, create a product road map, and make the best use of your budget in achieving your business goals.

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Kind Words

Chris was the project manager working on our web site. He also led the charge in video production for that site. He was terrific. Did a great job of keeping us on task through consistent follow up and regularly scheduled meetings.

Whenever our project was faced with a challenge he was quick to offer possible solutions. In addition, he managed the project’s budget diligently.

Great guy! Very good at what he does, and fun to work with.

John Covilli Senior Vice President, Dale Carnegie & Assoicates

Chris is a standout project manager; he has mastered the balance of driving a project forward to its conclusion yet making sure that enough time has been spent on each aspect so that everything has been thoroughly evaluated. He was the facilitator of all project meetings and with team members being in different offices, this facilitation was run remotely and it always went seamlessly. He is very encouraging of other team members and he listens to and thoughtfully considers all ideas brought to the table. He has a great feel for UX/UI. He is always thinking about things from the user’s perspective.

Jen Demore Senior UI Designer - Salary.com

Chris jumped right in and, in my eyes, was the star of the team. He took a very smart approach as far as how we assess the business and looked at the opportunity in depth from the end-users, the customers and the solution provider. He had the ability to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses of our solution from each user perspective which helped us mold and deliver the overall recommendation.

Chris is a fantastic asset and any organization looking for a unique business perspective with an overall goal of driving revenue would be lucky to have him as part of their team!

Kurt Worden Director of Sales - Beretta

Our projects involved technical contributors from the U.S., Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and China, often many of these. Chris demonstrated a patience and stick-to-it quality in his vendor-management activities to bridge the communication difficulties and insure common understanding so work was done once and done right.

Chris was clearly held in very high regard by virtually all others on our teams. Widespread, even universal professional respect offers strong evidence of a superior contributor. This describes Chris.

Hank Riehl Director, Product Management - Skillsoft

Chris’s contributions to the product development process drive real results and he has raised the bar in every area. He has tremendous breadth and depth with advanced knowledge and skills in application architecture, design and development for client and web-based products. What he doesn’t know he learns with speed and ease.

What has impressed me the most about Chris – his ability to communicate superbly to any audience. He is an artist, orator, UX designer, accomplished writer, facilitator and enabler.

Chris successfully bridges the communication gap between the business and technical team which results in shorter development cycles, better user experience and higher quality software products overall.

Monica Kraft Director of Product Marketing - Xyleme

Chris kept his eye on the ball with a variety of client challenges…always needing to match up client expectations with development deliverables. He was great at talking directly to these 2 diverse groups to find common understanding.

Peter Platt Digital Marketing Strategist

Recent Work

Marketing Videos

I recently produced several videos intended to recruit investors. I worked with several production and post production teams on this effort.

Salesforce Community Cloud

I launched a Salesforce community cloud. This is a hosted internet portal for collaborating with external groups such as customers or channel sales partners. It allows users to ask questions and find resources easily.

SharePoint Online Portal

I recently led a project that built an intranet portal using Microsoft’s hosted version of SharePoint, called SharePoint Online. We hired an agency specializing in SharePoint branding to create a customized UX, making a site for internal use match the company’s brand. Now employees have a “one stop shop” for everything they need.

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