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Freelance IT, Video and Marketing Specialist

  • Managed multiple IT vendor engagements worldwide across time zones
  • Managed the creation of a branded SharePoint online portal serving a partner network, consolidating several legacy sites into one
  • Built WordPress sites for small businesses, including domain and hosting consultation, site development, content creation and branding
  • Produced and edited a series of lead-generating B2B marketing videos for a client, exposed on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Managed a Salesforce.com org merge, resulting in reduced administrative costs and increase visibility to opportunities
  • Refactored Salesforce web to lead integration for better security and maintainability
  • Monitored sites using Google Analytics and ads using Facebook Business Manager
  • Rebuilt B2B marketing site for mobile accessibility, performance and search engine optimization
  • Wrote marketing copy for B2B website for client
  • Conducted user experience tests to understand platform opportunities
  • Maintained product backlogs for several digital products owned by clients
  • Provided graphic design services to clients
  • Implemented UTM lead attribution program across several vendors
  • Maintained branding press kit for multiple vendors, monitored creative for brand compliance

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